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Italy…. Amalfi coast style!!

I know its been pretty much radio silence here on the blog…. I recently came back from an AMAZING two relaxing weeks in Italy that was literally food for my soul. I feel like its been forever since I had last been on vacation (going to Israel does not count!) and I soaked in each and every single glorious moment. My parents treated me, Aviv, brother, sisters, brother in law and nephew to a 2 week stay at a gorgeous 4 bedroom villa on the Amalfi coast in Italy. Every day we suffered these mediocre views *wink* from the villa’s many balconies (rainbow after a morning shower):



Misty grey-blue mornings….



Even though I brought my camera and several lenses, I was reallllly lazy when it came to actually using it. About 50% of the photos in this blog post are from my (brand new!) iPhone 5.



One of the few images I’m actually part of…. Self portrait of Aviv and I

Positano at night


We spent some time by the beach, much to Aviv’s delight. She couldn’t get enough of the waves!




We spent many, many, many afternoons lazing around the villa and cooking delicious lunches. Aviv would go to the garden, pick lemons from the garden’s lemon trees, and Shira and I would make varieties of pastas using the lemons and local cheeses and vegetables.



Wine, pasta, lunch, view, relaxation? Why yes, please 🙂





We visited Paestum,  a 7th century Greek city less than 2 hours from Amalfi that has stunning Doric style temple ruins



During our Italy vacation, I discovered Aviv’s LOVE of mussels. Say wha to the whaaaaat? She would tackle – and finish – HUGE bowls of them…. And then continue to eat pizza or pasta!



One of my favorite excursions was, without a doubt, Pompeii. We hired Fabrizio, a fabulous Italian tour guide with immaculate English, and spent hours viewing this haunting historical site.



Did you know they had RUNNING WATER in 79 AD? I was shocked.



The tall rocks connecting the two sidewalks are actually crosswalks…. Since they didn’t have sewers, the streets would get flooded with waters (amongst other less appealing substances, such as animal poop). These crosswalks were all over the city.



Here is a local Pompeii equivalent of a fast food joint — bowls of food would rest in the counter holes, and the food was sold strictly as take away. Dying over those gorgeous frescos on the wall!



More breathtaking views of the coast from the villa….



The trip was truly amazing and recharging. There were a couple of snafus – there are 134 steps leading down to the villa (and then 134 stairs leading up to the road where you park the cars) and early on in the vacation I tripped on a broken stair, fell and sprained my left ankle. And then when Aviv and I tried to check into our direct 9 1/2 hour flight from Rome to JFK, we found out we were bumped off the flight. Instead we were “accommodated” on a flight to London, 4 hour layover, and then another flight to JFK. Arrived in NY to find customs backed up, waited an hour, went to pick up our luggage to find that they lost the luggage AND Aviv’s car seat AND broke her stroller. Spent another hour and a half at baggage claim center as they processed our missing luggage and found us a loaner car seat. By the time Aviv and I got home, it was 19 hours since we left our hotel in Rome. Ugh. And she only slept 4 hours out of that. Each and every single one of my nerves was fried by the time I got home and crawled into my own bed (heaven!!!!!).
 My sister Leore found an old book about Amalfi in the villa’s library, and found the following quote within it: “The Amalfi coast has a loveliness which took me like strong drink. I wrote to a friend something like this: ‘I was going to say it hasn’t made me unfaithful to Tuscany. But that’s just what it has done. However, I think it’s only an affair”
Indeed, Amalfi was amazing. But a brief affair not overshadowing my eternal love for Tuscany. I can’t wait to go back to the Italian countryside 🙂
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  • GailOctober 19, 2012 - 12:30 PM

    Oh these photos are just STUNNING!!! I have long wanted to return to Italy (since Rome only gave me but a taste) and my desire on where to land is split b/wn Amalfi and Tuscany/Florence. But man, these pictures are making it even harder to decide!

    Love the shots of your daughter — the mussel sequence cracked me up! SO glad you had a wonderful trip and made it home safely–despite the final travel woes…sigh…that just seems to be part of traveling by air these days, huh?

  • MeridithOctober 19, 2012 - 1:02 PM

    Sigh, these are gorgeous. I would love to do this exact vacation(minus the travel issues of course)! An affair with ALmafi is just what I have, haha:)

  • RossOctober 27, 2012 - 2:05 AM

    Wow! It looks absolutely amazing Noa! Sounds like you had one of those trips that you just can’t sum up in words. I would love to be able to stay in a villa like that! Thanks for your feedback on my site, I’m trying to work out the kinks.The things you noticed are things I was working on. I wanted to tell you that next month I will be in Boston to meet with a publisher. I was thinking about going to NY while I’m in the area. I’d really like to meet you if we can work something out.