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Legacy portraits for the every day woman

  Because the very best story is your own



Bergen County NJ Photographer


rediscover yourself


reconnect with your loved ones


 Look like you- on your best day!


I see your beauty, and I know how to reflect it back in my portraits. This is how I take the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen of yourself: magic sauce (-stress & +fun) combined with some kick ass professional styling, lighting and posing in a luxurious studio setting. Oh, and lets not forget some great music, bubbly and good laughter.

I know exactly what its like to feel awkward in front of the camera, so nothing lights me more on fire than proving that “photogenic” isn’t a mythical unicorn. I can see and show your beauty in the most elegant, sophisticated and confident way.

I invite you to come experience your own transformative photoshoot at my studio.

It will change the way you see yourself.


Debunking the "non photogenic" myth since 2010


celebrate the chapter you're in

right now

because the very best story

is your own


I take the stress out of photoshoots. I also bring out the confident, beautiful, sophisticated that is ALREADY inside you.


Because I believe EVERY woman deserves legacy portraits.

Because its about taking a moment of time from your busy life & ten million roles you juggle and focusing on YOU.

Because its about EXISTING in photos. While looking f’ing stunning, too.


Fall in love with your portraits life strength beauty loved ones challenges


"Thank you for making this mom of 3 feel like a goddess… You are a rockstar!!"

- Gina


Your photoshoot experience includes:


Art, featuring you

Because you deserve the best



Hello, gorgeous!

Want to book your portrait photoshoot experience? Have some questions? I would love to hear from you! Send me a contact form below, or email me directly at